Training Workshops on “Mental Health and Interventions for Better Care and Management of   Institutionalized Children and Young Adults”

December 19 and 20, 2014 at India International Centre, New Delhi

The two-day workshops will attempt to train, the staff, practitioners and different stakeholders who work with Institutionalized children, in issues related to the mental health of children in institutions. Children who enter institutionalization through the Child Protection system are those who more often than not have been through something grave – loss, abandonment, death of loved ones, violence, betrayal, neglect etc. This is what makes the need for an urgent and immediate focus on mental health because, while it is the direst need of the traumatized children, it is the one that has received absolutely no attention. These are seriously victimized children and training people who care and manage the children is what the Workshops are all about. The workshop will offer different sessions dealing with different topics related to the care of institutionalised children. At the end, it will come up with a training module, which can be replicated in institutional care - investing in good practices in mental health care and services.

The training sessions have been conceived primarily for individuals working as social workers, volunteers, counsellors, therapists and mental health professionals, affiliated with Child Care Institutions (CCIs) for learning issues related to the management and care of emotional well being of Institutionalised Children.

The venue for the training workshops is going to be in the Multipurpose Hall, Kamala Devi Block, India International Centre, Max Mueller Road, New Delhi.

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Social Care Institute for Excellence 

SCIE is looking for examples of how councils are identifying ‘seldom heard’ young people likely to have care and support needs as an adult. One example SCIE has already been told about identifies young carers at an early stage, by looking at the siblings of a young person with care and support requirements. This work will help SCIE to create their transitions resource, which they are working on, which offers you support over the implementation of the Care Act 2014.

If you have an example and are willing to explain what it is and what the outcome is, please contact SCIE at 

Educating Children Who Are Raised in Alternative Family and Care Systems: Global Practices 

Childhood Education: A Call for Manuscripts

Educators need to ensure that they are addressing children's education needs in individually sensitive ways, particularly when working with children who are coming to school from diverse living and care situations. Families, carers, social services, and schools should work together to enrich the educational opportunities for children in alternative care so as to contribute to positive educational outcomes. Many of these children have experienced trauma or have had inconsistent caregiving and education experiences.

The goal of this special issue of Childhood Education is to explore alternative family and care environments for children and how education services can offer holistic support that enhances learning and life outcomes for this vulnerable population. Childhood Education is seeking manuscripts from a holistic perspective in the following topical areas:

This themed edition will document the rich and varied strategies that successfully enhance childhood development services and home school involvement across disciplines and thus promote intercultural connections among the readers of Childhood Education. Submit manuscripts ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 words to Fiona S. Baker at by December 31, 2014.

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The Abu Dhabi Seventh International Conference for Persons with Disabilities

ACCESS Abu Dhabi 2015

Promoting the Protection Rights for Persons with Disabilities

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

21st– 23rd April 2015


Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs, the main authority responsible for providing specialized services for persons with disabilities and orphans in Abu Dhabi, is pleased to announce the Seventh Abu Dhabi International Conference for Persons with Disabilities (ACCESS Abu Dhabi 2015), to be held in  Abu Dhabi from 21st – 23th April 2015.

ACCESS Abu Dhabi began in 2006. During its six previous cycles it has had a direct positive impact on supporting individuals with disabilities in the local community in different areas such as, health, rehabilitation, education, family supports, and employment. Based on the success of this conference, Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs (ZHO) is in the process of organizing its Seventh ACCESS Abu Dhabi 2015 conference, which will highlight the best international practices in the field of CHILD PROTECTION.

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Christian Alliance for Orphans’ Summit

April 30-May 1, 2015 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

This event is hosted by the Christian Alliance for Orphans. Workshops at this event will include themes specifically designed for pastors, laymen, Christian orphan care non-profits, and individuals looking for more information on orphan care and ministry.

Early Registration (discounted) is open from January to February 28. Full Registration is held from March 1 -March 31 and Late Registration opens April 1.

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The 29th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment – Pre-Conference Event: ISPCAN Global Institute on "Positive Parenting to Improve Outcomes for Children” 

The institute will include four international perspectives on aspects of parenting/child care-giving, which research indicates contribute to positive outcomes for children. Evidence-based strategies and programmes that promote positive parenting/child care-giving will be discussed. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the potential application and adaptations of programmes and strategies in different contexts and cultures, as well as to share evidence-based programmes or programmes that they have implemented or come across in the context of their practice.

It is a full day event taking place in San Diego on January 25th, 2015 and is part of the Chadwick Center’s 29th Annual Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment which will be held in San Diego from 26-29 January, 2015.

Questions regarding the event can be directed to me at For more information on the Global Institute please click here and for more information on the San Diego International Conference, please click here. Registration deadline for the institute is 17 January 2015

3rd Pan-African Conference on Parenting

21st and 22nd of April 2015, Uganda 

The 3rd Pan African conference on parenting will have the specific theme of Positive discipline in childhood and adolescence - With special focus on behaviour modelling and positive parenting of children living with disabilities and those in special contexts in Africa. The meeting will bring together experts, representatives of national, regional and international  organizations, government officials and partners committed to strengthening families to exchange ideas and hence inform policy and practice on parenting  skilfully  in Africa.

The main objectives of the conference:

1. Create a forum to highlight the realities on positive discipline across the region by addressing knowledge, attitude and practices across the region, on positive discipline.

2. Provide a platform to share evidence-based knowledge and information to inform advocacy for actions and policies that favour children by the government and policy maker.

3. Enhance clear understanding on what parents, caregivers and agents of socialisation need to know while raising children, in order to enhance their potential to realize their aspirations

4. Collate evidence on efforts and action points to strengthen family relationships in Africa for the wellbeing of children.

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Joint Conference of National Council For Adoption and the Joint Council on International Children’s Services- Request For Proposals

The National Council for Adoption (NCFA) and the Joint Council on International Children's Services have teamed up to launch a new conference:Putting Family First, From Family Strenthening to Adoption. The conference will be held  in Arlington, VA (metro D.C.) from June 22, 2015 to June 24, 2015.

Professionals and academics in the child welfare community are invited to submit proposals to present at the Conference. Proposals are being requested for the hour-long sessions. Speakers are encouraged to include the audience and encourage discussion throughout sessions. Sessions will run in tandem with country specific Round Table Discussions.

Joint Council and NCFA are interested in proposals that empower child welfare professionals with new information and ideas that introduce attendees to creative programs that serve children and families in need. CE credits will be granted to attendees, therefore special consideration will be given to proposals that address emerging issues affecting practitioners, including sessions designed around the USG Action Plan on Children in Adversity, social justice and equality, creative family empowerment programs, global foster care services, permanent deinstitutionalization, domestic adoption programs, and the unique medical and nutritional needs of children living outside of family care. Special consideration will also be given to proposals which bridge the academic prospective and the practitioner prospective.This year's Conference will include the following tracks:

- Health/Medical Care

- Family Care First or Family, Community and System Strengthening

- Adoption

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