Sixth International Policy Conference on the African Child
Social Protection in Africa: Making it Work

27-28 October 2014 at the UN Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The overall aim of the Sixth IPC is to continue to build Africa’s agenda on child-sensitive social protection through strengthening political will, government commitment and partnership for comprehensive, sustainable, well coordinated and effective social protection programmes that contribute towards improved wellbeing for children in Africa. 

The objectives of the conference are:

1. To elaborate and build on the outcomes of the African Union (AU) meetings on “Children and Social Protection Systems in Africa” held in 2014, and identify opportunities to further support and enable the AU and governments to fulfill their stated commitments.

2. To share evidence and examples of good practices in social protection programmes or children in Africa, specifically those that have demonstrated effective institutionalisation within national polices and planning – particularly in the following three areas; building the economic and investment argument, building structures and systems to institutionalise social protection programmes and mechanisms to engage relevant stakeholders including CSOs.

3. To enhance collaboration between different stakeholders and facilitate learning on specific aspects of child-sensitive social protection programmes.

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JUCONI 3rd Annual International Congress for a World Without Violence:
Strengthening Work with Children and Families Affected by Family Violence – From Theory to Practice

This International Congress will be held from 30 October 2014 to 1 November 2014 in Puebla, Mexico. The congress features several speakers, including those in the fields of neuroscience, clinical psychology, public policy, child development, and more. The congress includes several workshops, spanning the three days, in which attendees can participate. 

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International Conference 25 Years CRC 
17-19 November 2014 

Leiden Law School, Leiden University, The Netherlands

In November 2014 a two-day international conference on children’s rights will take place in Leiden, the Netherlands, to herald the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The conference aims to bring together children’s rights academics, professionals and students from the four corners of the globe, for a two-day programme full of discussion and reflection on the past and future impact of the CRC on topical issues of the children's rights agenda. The first day of the conference focuses on the implications that the CRC has had since its adoption, and the second day provides a platform for reflection about the future of the children’s rights project seen from a meta level.

This conference is part of a whole week of festivities from Monday 17 November until Thursday 20 November 2014 organized by Leiden University, the City of Leiden, UNICEF The Netherlands and the Dutch NGO Coalition on Children’s Rights. This programme also includes the Leiden Children’s Rights Summit on Universal Children’s Day, 20 November 2014, the Leiden Freedom Lecture and an international moot court.

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Eurochild 11th Annual Conference -  'Children First: Better Public Spending for Better Outcomes for Children and Families' 
Bucharest, 26-28 November 2014

This event will address important questions around ‘why’ and ‘how’ to invest public resources in children and families, in particular the most vulnerable. The conference will reflect on implementation of the 2013 European Commission Recommendation ‘Investing in Children: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage’ and the broader Social Investment Package. It will look at how EU structural and investment funds can be better deployed in the next programming period to stimulate reforms and develop innovative practice.

The event is set within the overall context of States obligations to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which celebrates 25 years in 2014. The UNCRC Committee has agreed to develop a General Comment on the specific issue of ‘best use of resources’, to which this conference can provide valuable input.

The conference is organised in such a way as to provide rich content input as well as space to debate, share knowledge and network. It will include 3-4 keynote speakers, three key themes of social return on investment, evaluation methodologies, and public-private partnerships, poster sessions, study visits, a “children’s corner,” workshop sessions, and a panel debate. 

Participants in this event include: government representatives, regional and local authorities, service providers, child rights activists, network organisations, children’s ombudspersons, academics and research institutes; philanthropic organisations; business and corporates, and inter-governmental organisations.

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The 29th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment – Pre-Conference Event: ISPCAN Global Institute on "Positive Parenting to Improve Outcomes for Children” 

The institute will include four international perspectives on aspects of parenting/child care-giving, which research indicates contribute to positive outcomes for children. Evidence-based strategies and programmes that promote positive parenting/child care-giving will be discussed. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the potential application and adaptations of programmes and strategies in different contexts and cultures, as well as to share evidence-based programmes or programmes that they have implemented or come across in the context of their practice.

It is a full day event taking place in San Diego on January 25th, 2015 and is part of the Chadwick Center’s 29th Annual Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment which will be held in San Diego from 26-29 January, 2015.

Questions regarding the event can be directed to me at For more information on the Global Institute please click here and for more information on the San Diego International Conference, please click here. Registration deadline for the institute is 17 January 2015

3rd Pan-African Conference on Parenting

21st and 22nd of April 2015, Uganda 

The 3rd Pan African conference on parenting will have the specific theme of Positive discipline in childhood and adolescence - With special focus on behaviour modelling and positive parenting of children living with disabilities and those in special contexts in Africa. The meeting will bring together experts, representatives of national, regional and international  organizations, government officials and partners committed to strengthening families to exchange ideas and hence inform policy and practice on parenting  skilfully  in Africa.

The main objectives of the conference:

1. Create a forum to highlight the realities on positive discipline across the region by addressing knowledge, attitude and practices across the region, on positive discipline.

2. Provide a platform to share evidence-based knowledge and information to inform advocacy for actions and policies that favour children by the government and policy maker.

3. Enhance clear understanding on what parents, caregivers and agents of socialisation need to know while raising children, in order to enhance their potential to realize their aspirations

4. Collate evidence on efforts and action points to strengthen family relationships in Africa for the wellbeing of children.

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