UNICEF Rwanda16 Oct 2017

This video from UNICEF Rwanda shows some of the moving stories of children and their new families who have been brought together through the TMM initiative, which reintegrates children who have been living in institutions into families and the community. 

ACCI Missions & Relief28 Sep 2017

This animated video from ACCI Missions & Relief explains how short-term missions in orphanages are harmful to children, why volunteers should avoid volunteering in orphanages overseas, and what kind of programs should be supported instead. 

ReThink Orphanages20 Sep 2017

This video from ReThink Orphanages illustrates how orphanage tourism perpetuates the continued institutionalization and exploitation of children. 

4Children/OVCsupport.org12 Sep 2017

In this webinar recording, 4Children and KIDSS share learning about how to prepare and plan, at the family and programmatic level, for exiting out of OVC programs. 

Catholic Relief Services10 Aug 2017

All over the world, children are placed in orphanages because their families do not have the resources to care for them. In this short film, a mother makes the difficult decision to leave her daughter to the care of an orphanage. 

Rebecca Southworth - BBC Three 3 Aug 2017

In this BBC Three documentary, Rebecca Southworth tells her own story about growing up in care and follows the lives of care-leavers and young people in care to explore why so many people with experience in care end up living chaotic lives. 

ABC News2 Aug 2017

In this interview with ABC News, Kate van Doore talks about the trafficking and exploitation of children in overseas orphanages and how volunteering in and funding orphanages contributes to negative outcomes for children.

Philip Goldman, Maestral International - MacArthur Foundation 27 Jul 2017

In this video, Philip Goldman, President of Maestral International, discusses how donors, faith communities, advocates and other committed actors can be brought together under the common belief that all children belong in families. 

Christiane Amanpour - CNN International10 Jul 2017

In this exclusive interview with Christiane Amanpour of CNN International, J.K. Rowling discusses her inspiration for founding Lumos, the impact of institutionalisation on child development and attachment, and how orphanage volunteering and foreign donations are harming vulnerable children around the world. 

Kate van Doore - Griffith University Law School, Forget Me Not5 Jul 2017

In this video, Kate van Doore describes the process of 'paper orphaning,' a term coined to characterize how children are recruited and trafficked into orphanages to gain profits through international funding and orphanage tourism. 


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